Here is the details of STD Code of Chennai.

LocationSTD CodeState
Chennai044Tamil Nadu

Here is the list of STD codes of the popular location of Tamil Nadu.

LocationSTD CodeState
Pondicherry0413Tamil Nadu
Cuddalore04142Tamil Nadu
Virudhachalam04143Tamil Nadu
Chidambaram04144Tamil Nadu
Gingee04145Tamil Nadu
Villupuram04146Tamil Nadu
Tindivanam04147Tamil Nadu

Full Form of STD :

Subscriber Trunk Dialling

Defination: STD is a telephone system allowing subscribers to dial trunk calls without operator assistance.

STD codes were used more in earlier times than in the present times because at that time it was not possible for everyone to have a mobile phone. Nor was technology so much that people had to resort to STD calling.

Simply the STD Code of Chennai is 044.

What is the STD Code of Chennai?


How i call on a landline no of Chennai?

Start by dialing 011 — the U.S./Canada exit code. Then dial 91 — the country code for India. Then 44 — the Chennai area code (for landlines only). than Conclude your dialing with the 8-digit Chennai landline OR 10-digit mobile number Chennai.

Tamilnadu Area code of for mobile?

India Code – 91 and exit code – 00.

STD Code of Chennai?

the STD(Subscriber Trunk Dialling) of Chennai is 044.


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